Have you considered the IMPORTANCE of PREPLANNING?

Preplanning is valuable in that it accomplishes a multitude of things. A plan relieves your family of having to make difficult decisions at an emotional time of loss and gives you time to make your wishes known as well as giving you peace of mind.

          *Have conversations with your loved ones about your wishes.

          *Make sure important documents such as insurance policies, military DD-214, etc. are in a locatable place where family will be able to find them when they are needed.

          *Consider the importance of an up-to-date list of contacts on file at the funeral home.   

          *Consider the importance of some type of service for family and friends. A time of visitation, funeral and/or memorial service can help provide closure and healing after losing a loved one. They offer the opportunity to honor their life, connect with family and friends, and share memories. 

           *Don't get caught unprepared. Purchasing a life insurance policy or prepaying for a funeral offers several benefits such as peace of mind, financial planning, and consideration for your family.

            *Are your beneficiaries up to date or current on important documents and accounts such as deeds, titles, bank accounts, etc.?

            *Have you considered the importance of a living will to give guidance to your doctors and healthcare professionals and provide clarity to your loved ones?