About Us

Edwards Funeral Home, Inc., was founded by the late Lynn and Mick Edwards around 1950. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards had operated the funeral home in two separate places before building the current location in 1971.

In 1980 Mr. and Mrs. Edwards sold the business to longtime employees, Howard Jackson and Richard (Dick) Chedister. Mr. Jackson and Mr. Chedister ran the funeral home until they sold to Spencer Hedgepeth of New Madrid, Missouri, in 2001.

Mr. Hedgepeth operated the business with the assistance of his father and mother, Robert (Bob) Hedgepeth and Lillian Hedgepeth, themselves former funeral home owners and directors for 29 years at New Madrid.

In November of 2015 Spencer sold half-interest in the business to Mike Jackson, an embalmer and funeral home director, who had worked at the funeral home alongside his father, Howard, since 1989. Mike has also functioned as Ripley County Coroner since 2000.

Together Spencer and Mike strive to continue the caring, capable, compassionate legacy previously established by their families in the funeral home profession.