March 20, 2020

The owners and staff of Edwards Funeral Home, Inc. have made the very difficult decision to follow state and local guidelines regarding the gathering of people for visitations and funeral/memorial services. (See below for letter from the Ripley County Health Department.)  As of now, we will have to limit the number of people inside our facility to 10 or fewer.  Please be aware that this number could also change in the future.  We understand the inconvenience this will place on our families, and we have not made this decision lightly.  We will be discussing with the families at arrangement conference the options they have to honor their loved ones.  We now have the capabilities to record a service or Livestream the service via the internet, most likely YouTube.  The possibility to extend visitation periods to accommodate more people coming in shifts.  We will try to be very flexible and creative to help our families.

For families, only the number of people gathering in our facilities has been affected.  As of this writing, families can still choose to honor their loved one with an open casket viewing.  The Coronavirus does not affect our ability to embalm.  As always, we can accommodate the family’s wishes regarding burial or cremation.  If the situation arises, we can also be flexible with the arrangement conference.  In person at the Funeral Home, via telephone, email, or we will come to your house to meet with you.  We understand that this Covid-19 is a very unique situation, and the bottom line is we want to work with our community in keeping everybody as safe as possible.

If you are attending visitations or services at our chapel, we would ask that you follow guidelines set forth by the CDC in keeping the spread of the virus at the lowest possible rate.  Some of those suggestions are to not be around other people if you are feeling ill, have a fever, or dry cough.  Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizers we have inside our facility.  Also, we would suggest that you avoid hugging, kissing, and shaking hands.  We understand that this is a difficult suggestion, but also know we want as few people as possible exposed to COVID-19.  We would also suggest keeping distances between people as much as possible to prevent the spread of the virus.  As has been for some time, if you cannot attend a service under our care, condolences can be made on the obituary page on our website.  Also, cards may be sent in care of Edwards Funeral Home, Inc. and we will see it gets to the family.  We are doing everything humanly possible to keep our facility clean and safe as possible, regularly cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces that have human contact.  We would also ask at this time that no food or drink is brought into the Funeral Home.  Water bottles will be available (as long as available) upon request.

Again, please know that this is not a decision we have taken lightly.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate through these unchartered waters.  Please call if you have any questions or concerns.

Staff of Edwards Funeral Home, Inc.

Mike Jackson                 Spencer Hedgepeth                                    Suzanne Johnson

Irvin Eddington             Chad Haywood